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Similarly, an electric potential field that acts upon charged particles aims to bring the particles with the opposite charge together and to push particles with the similar charge apart.We can conclude from the above that an electrically charged body tries to reduce its electric potential.If you continue without changing your settings, we will assume that you are happy to receive all cookies from our website.

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Here ϕ is a letter in the Greek alphabet pronounced as “phi”.

This value quantifies the ability of an electric field to perform work (W) to move a charge (q) from one given point to another point:ϕ = W/q In SI electric potential is measured in volts (V).

The electric potential of an electric field in a given point equals the work that the forces of this field can perform when a unit of positive charge is moved outside the field.

Looking again at the analogy with the gravitational field we can conclude that the notion of electric potential is similar to the phenomenon of the level of different points on the surface of the Earth.

To do so it attempts to get as close as possible to the high-capacity source of an electrical field with the opposite charge, as long as other forces are not preventing it from doing so.

If the electric charge of the objects is the same, each of the electrically charged objects attempts to decrease its electric potential by moving as far as possible away from the similarly charged source of a powerful electrical field.The visitors to the Canada Science and Technology Museum can generate the electric energy for it by spinning a large human hamster wheel.This wheel turns the generator that powers this Tesla coil (right).As we discuss below, depending on how high you lift a body from the ground level the amount of work changes, and similarly depending on how far you separate two charges the amount of work to perform this separation also changes.Let us imagine Sisyphus, one of the heroes of the myths of Ancient Greece.We usually count the height from sea level, which is considered to be the height of zero.

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