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It is not unusual for Seattle directories of the time to be missing bars that are so far out from downtown, and I would not at all be surprised to see the that the Caroline does indeed date back to 1933, but I have not yet found any primary sources to confirm this.The current Northlake Tavern dates their own birth to 1954, when they were in a location up the road that was demolished to make way for the I5 Bridge.

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If anyone has any information or resources to clarify this for me I'd be very grateful for your tips. Tavern was established at 511 NW 65th by 1936 and replaced by the Tin Hat by 1938.

The Tin Hat remained at this location for two decades before moving across the street to 512 in the late 50s (it is listed at 511 in the '58 Polk Guide and at 512 in '59).

In any case, the current location dates back to 1958 (the renowned pizza service began in 1960), and an earlier tavern of the same name in the 512 location dates back to at least 1940 and possibly very shortly after prohibition.

A plaque in the current Deluxe describes the place as a Capitol Hill institution since 1934, although at that time it was located up the street and named "Mc Clanahan Beer Parlor" for owner Thomas Mc Clanahan.

But this is curious, since the "Northlake Tavern" had been at that same location (512 E Northlake Ave) throughout the 40s and possibly earlier.

A note on the current menu claims that the place dates back to an earlier bar from the 30s and was granted the state's second tavern license.

Institutions that were bars at some point are also listed under "Restaurants," but because I cannot deduce when they actually started legally serving alcohol, I have included only the establishments in this section with a clear indication of that in the name (e.g. The Rendezvous and Jewelbox Theater have been around since 1924 or 1925, but it is unclear when it first officially included a bar.

It was part of Belltown's historic Film Row, and said to have included a speakeasy whose customers included various visiting Hollywood stars.

I suspect it was around 1933 or 34, but so far I've only found it listed under bars ("Taverns") as early as 1936, and this was at a different address across the street (1453 Ballard Way).

(It seems to be missing from Polks City Directories, but included in telephone directories.)The Shanty Tavern goes back to at least 1937, although it was previous located in a couple different locations up the road on Lake City Way.

In 1935 he changed to "The De Luxe," although the former name is also listed in city guides for the next several years.

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