Actors dating black women dating a single dad with kids

I didn’t watch a movie about Taye Diggs, Harold Perrineau and Terrance Howard!I’m watched a movie about Harper, Julian and Quentin….Elizabeth Taylor – The late Liz had her fair share of men that had an open shot at those cakes. Let’s also not forget her…unique…relationship with Michael Jackson who, yes, was still technically Black.

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Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush is famous for his talents on the field, but the football star is also famous for never being seen within 100 yards of a black woman.

Maybe it’s because I’m a journalist that I know that first you have to consider the source…I have seen no mention of this statement from any reputable news outlet.

Secondly, seeing a movie is not a sweeping endorsement of the every single life choice or belief of every actor in a movie.

The couple later got married in a courthouse ceremony while Amber was in college.

Now the two pop tags on the daily in NYC with their four children Ray and Janay Rice This troubled couple made headlines when video surfaced of Rice dragging Janay, unconscious, out of an elevator after allegedly knocking her out cold.

So when I started hearing the rumblings about a sequel to “The Best Man” a couple of years ago, I knew I would be among the first seeing just what happened to these beloved characters over the years…And my high expectations were exceeded! As in real life, when you are young, you live in a bubble in which life makes sense and your parents are always there to nurse your boo boos.

Dare I say “The Best Man Holiday” was better than the original! Can you name any other sequel that was better than the original?! After you’ve been an adult for a while, you realize that life, while beautiful, is less than sensible and some hurts never truly heal…I won’t spoil the movie because I still want others to see it…But I now consider it a classic…A definite must-see…

Thirdly, while I am no conspiracy theorist, I do believe there are forces at work that try to tear down legitimate successes…just who released this supposed story about Taye Diggs and why? If you want to see a great movie with multidimensional characters that manage to touch every emotion on the spectrum, see “The Best Man Holiday.” And for those who want to get into Black Power arguments, have several seats (at the movies) at “12 Years a Slave,” which is the proper forum for this kind of conversation…

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