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So you participate only in sharing things you're aware of (and bad things are rather easy to remove from that cache) — and that's a deliberate design decision.

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The distinction being that "something" is not always a direct action from the user. ) can reference and load content from other addresses (assumption) then could someone end up in the situation where they are "hosting" (from the cache) something they would not expect to be? If this seems far fetched, A submission to HN the other day seemed to surprise a few people[1] as it made a http request to a adult website to check if they had an active session (but did not display any content).[1] A script can download it to your browser cache under blank images. Think of this as shoplifter compared to something that fell in your cart you missed.

id=12692389This is true and good to keep in mind, but it's also an inescapable risk of any network involving autonomous agents. Same idea.(In all honesty, I hold to Stallman's idea of CP shouldn't be illegal, period. Snuff videos of people being murdered isn't illegal, although the murdering part very much is.

I'm curious because I've seen objections to Freenet for that reason yet the content stored is in no way CP.

No bad content can be reconstructed from the data in your store.

We're also susceptible to downloading content that's different than advertised (e.g. And in all honesty, the whole "but child porn OMG" is a non-sequitor. Child abuse is illegal, as well it should be, but proof of child abuse shouldn't.)Exactly.

Stay away from anything that could even be believed to be hosting felony content.

And then those machines would provide the local network with the content, rather than hitting the 'net at large.

The only good way to do this, is to include all the adapters in the DHT to where all machines are.

We just haven't gotten to it yet :)You can of course already encrypt the data yourself before adding it to ipfs.

You WILL have to hack on IPFS software, as to not release all your adapter information.

There's still talks in how to handle Tor connections. Seems like it has no regard for privacy by the sound of it. What IPFS does, is looks at network topology to determine 'closeness' of nearby IPFS nodes.

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