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How does the author vary the end words and what is the effect of that variation? Consider how imagination functions in each poem, how it shapes the poem, how imagination might also shape the life of the poet.9. I've tried writing poems about paintings or about subjects suggested by books on writing, but they have always been bad poems. They were all talking to each other, and it was like one actor holding forth in front of one of those department store three-angled mirrors. I can paint a real scene or recount a real situation, but I can’t create. In the title poem, “Report From the Banana Hospital,” I have changed two names. Grimakis is a combination of a nurse and a doctor (who, hopefully, have found new careers). Anyway, all this is to say that "The Banana Hospital" is true, critique it as you will.

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And they crack up, or swallow ant traps with a quart of gin, or murder the plumber. And so we must have compassion and tenderness for those who break. During his life he accumulated many neckties he disliked wearing and a dozen cheap pairs of flip flops that said, You can relax now. I try to imagine they’re both within me but the truth is, I don’t know, I just don’t know where they’ve gone. The vacuum cleaner man convinced us of our disintegration just last week when he used his appliance to suck up layers of dead skin from the mattress.

It's not a character flaw that we do not prevail at all times. And if you want to point to a person who’s been through hell and has come out of it intact, and if you are inclined to say, “But, see! I would be a terrible mental health speech giver, because beyond saying that everyone has a breaking point and therefore we should be compassionate towards those who have reached theirs, I have only this to say: The human spirit is an incredible thing. And a Purple Heart and the 1949 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica and a wife who wished for a washer and dryer instead of reference books. He spread gray residue on a sheet of paper— thin dusty flakes of what we were yesterday or last week or the night Marty tried to explain how the normal is always drawn perpendicular to the surface of reflection. The salesman showed us what feeds on us, the dust of us— mites that look like hairy potatoes with claws and fangs when they’re magnified 1,000 times.

Susan Allison Down by the Riverside Ways Laura Altshul Searching for the Northern Lights Bodies Passing Victor Altshul Singing with Starlings Ode to My Autumn Ina Anderson Journey into Space Jake Anderson Homeless Souls Carol A. Axelrod Passerby Don Barkin That Dark Lake Houses Marge Rogers Barrett CALLED The Making and Unmaking of a Nun Al Basile Tonesmith Sherri Bedingfield Transitions & Transformations Polly (Laszlo) Brody At the Flower's Lip The Burning Bush Stirring Shadows & new work Bob Brooks Unguarded Crossing Miriam Brooks Butterworth Just Say Yes My Felonious Friends Lull Before the Storm Katharine Carle Divided Eye The Uncommon Nativity of Common Things Michael Cervas Inside the Box Captivated A Wilderness of Chances Ginny Lowe Connors Barbarians in the Kitchen The Unparalleled Beauty of a Crooked Line Toward the Hanging Tree Jeanne Weston Cook Stunned by Illumination Melissa Croghan Cliff Walk Jane D'Arista The Overgrown Copse Kathleen Dale Rescue Mission Nancy Daley How Much of Love Brad Davis OPENING KING DAVID Cheryl Della Pelle Down to the Waters Anne Magee Dichele Waiting for Wisdom Ankle Deep and Drowning Danny Dover Tasting Precious Metal Jeff Dutko Beyond the Margins Cora M.

Ekwurtzel Such Nonsense Indoors Priscilla Wear Ellsworth Rutted Field of the Heart Charles B.

Concentrate on specific details that are personal to you. I think if it were about someone they didn’t know, a fellow named Ralph Roisterdoister, say, they might grin now and then. And I wrote in part because coming out of the blackness into the blindingly beautiful world made me want to write and write about it, in terms both black and bright. The Old Man in the Mountain came crashing down one night and lay tragically in bits of rubble that rangers discovered at dawn. There were plenty of old men at the Walmart and the VFW but the signs insisted so cars turned off and people stood around looking dutifully up at the craggy mountain’s weathered face. He never developed a wattle or those brown spots that crop up on the back of people’s hands.

Draw connections between memory, the world you lived in, and the things that trigger memory involuntarily. I guess if I did get to make my speech about mental illness now, I would tell people that the cruelest adage in the world is, "God does not give you more than you can bear." Because, of course, some folks are given more than they can bear. Wandering back to my theme of True Poems, "Lucy Dancing" and "The Seal In the Wave" are the only "untrue" poems in the book, though the men in "The Seal in the Wave" are certainly men I have known. They clicked their cameras, picked up postcards, felt they’d been somewhere, seen something remarkable, made of stone. They say he’s ashes now but that box of dust has nothing to do with the man he was.

It is good to read the poem at first without attention to its form, then allow that form to become more evident on additional readings. Now compose a poem of your own using the same structure, perhaps a poem in which you depict a relationship with one or both parents. In "Solace," the author uses another strict form--a canzone, which repeats five end words in a complex pattern--as a way of exploring her father's life in the context of a scientific theory. I warn myself about this, so I won't end up in the booby hatch recording how many swallows of coffee it took me to get down how many little blue pills at what exact time in the a.m.

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