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Warning: Some of the depictions and images in this story are graphic. We're eating breakfast and we get a call from a local reporter we know. The grandmother tells us that Marcela's boyfriend was a bus driver in a gang-controlled neighborhood. "Help the gang or we'll kill you." Then he disappeared. And now this: Marcela's body, lying on the ground, while people drive to work. S.-Mexico border two summers ago during the so-called "surge" of unaccompanied minors trying to come to the U. She says her favorite thing is to sit down with some hot chocolate and a book. It was at church that Aby met her best friend, Jessica. Then another girl at school started threatening Jessica."At first it was like a little game," Aby says. Encarni Pindado for NPR hide caption Mimi, 15, volunteers at Comandos de Salvamento.

S., you would have seen thousands of young girls from El Salvador. All this happened on our first full day in El Salvador. To answer that question, we go to a school and start interviewing 15-year-old-girls. "If you don't give me this, you'll be in trouble."Give me that blouse, the girl would say to Jessica. A few days later, Jessica went to the store."Her mom says she left at in the afternoon, and then it was 4, and then it was 5, and this was a store that was right on the corner," Aby says. They don't want to scare Aby's little brother and sister."It's too dangerous to talk about that," she says. S."Then I'll have nothing left of my friend, Aby says. In other words, El Salvador is a country of girls with two main choices: Hide from gangs or give in to them. She deals with all kinds of emergencies, extreme violence and people who have been severely injured or killed by the gangs in El Salvador.

One side of the woman's face is covered in blood and the men with her say she has been thrown from a bus by gang members. The Comandos bandage the woman and Mimi cleans the boy. It's a Catch 22 — one that so many girls in El Salvador find themselves in. I don't have to let these things happen to me."Pretty soon, it's time for the girl to go.

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San Salvador - Ana Martinez* sometimes cries of happiness and torment at the same time, relieved to be alive, but exhausted from living in fear.

The Salvadoran mother of two managed to slip through the fingers of a gang out to kill her two years ago, forcing her to relocate five times since then to save her and her two teenagers' lives.

She added that closed doors for seeking asylum in the US likely won't stop people from fleeing, but will instead push them to do so without documents.

In 2016, the most recent data available, the United States granted asylum to at least 2,150 Salvadorans (pdf).

Then, many of them were deported back to El Salvador. Now, El Salvador's two main gangs — Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) and Barrio 18 — control much of the country. In most cases, we're not using last names; to bring any attention to them would make them a target of the gangs. He says Marcela was attacked from behind and shot twice in the head. He speculates that it's because she didn't want to be someone's girlfriend or didn't want to do something for that gang. It's about 8 feet by 8 feet, painted pink with cinder block walls. And, toward the end of the shift, we watch as they confront El Salvador's gang violence up close. to claim asylum, she'll probably get caught again in Mexico. We know from people who study these migration routes, she could be robbed or kidnapped or raped along the way."I don't want that to happen," she says.

There is so much violence in El Salvador that someone dies there, on average, every hour. And sometimes people are just caught in the middle. We went to El Salvador to talk to these girls, to understand why they would want to make the perilous journey to the U. If she's not in school or helping with dinner, she's here. A woman stumbles into the Comandos headquarters, which is basically a garage for a handful of ambulances. "I'm not one of those kids who waits till the last minute to make things right.

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Her son managed to get out alive, and the family immediately fled their home, leaving everything behind.

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