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“Is this someone you can genuinely be interested in getting to know and enjoy spending time with?” is a better question than “Is this my future spouse?

When dating, your job is to guard your heart and use wisdom to learn about one another.

Agree that the only expectation is to honor and respect each other and allow for organic growth, not forced.

The Bible is very interesting in that it doesn’t give us too much detail into the process of courtship or what some refer to as dating.

Stories like Ruth and Boaz or Solomon and the Shulamite help to give us a contextual framework about how relationships progress biblically, but there’s nothing directly set in stone on how it is all suppose to work.

An issue of divide developing among Christians on dating is whether you should only move in this direction with someone you intend to marry.

The motivation behind this thought is fear and insecurity.

However, if we take God with us on the journey every step of the way, we will be in no greater hands.

Many relationships are based on the love of a sport, hobby or physical attraction, but a godly courtship is based on the individual's relationship with God.

Secondly, who wants to be in “no man’s land” for years and decades with no signs of forward progression?

Nope, that’s not the answer either because it leaves you more susceptible to enemy territory.

The goal should never be to collect a bunch of girlfriends and boyfriends or an endless supply of free meals, but a BFF and life partner.

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