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After four years, she graduated with honors, earning a business degree.Not long afterwards, she made a few bad financial decisions which hurt her family and led to another separation from her husband.

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A crazy Halloween party at the beginning of the semester sees Shirley and Ben Chang having a one night stand although due to outside influences, though they have no memory of the incident.

Shirley reconciles with her ex-husband Andre Bennett and they start dating.

In her sophomore year she reconciled with her husband Andre and had another child with him.

In her third year at school Shirley remarried Andre and also went into business with her fellow study group member Pierce Hawthorne.

Her past history as an alcoholic is revealed when the study group celebrates Troy's birthday at a bar she used to frequent.

She discovers she is pregnant and that due to evidence Troy presents to her, Ben Chang may be the father and not Andre.

After being eliminated, she is later rewarded the prize by Jeff, who won the contest.

In Shirley's second year at Greendale she and the study group take Anthropology together.

In the western themed end of the year school picnic, Shirley participates in what was to be a quick paintball game which turned into an all out war against Greendale's rival school City College.

She successfully triggers a trap inside the school's library which eliminates a lot of the invaders.

"Debate 109": Shirley is frightened by Abed's ability to predict the future.

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