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Nearly 10 years after first meeting on the set of a reality TV show, Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell are happily married.

Throughout the 1990s, Campbell appeared in episodes of Heartbreak High, Police Rescue, The Day of the Roses and Wildside.

In 1999, he appeared in 13 episodes of Big Sky as Blake Wallace.

Entertainer Tim Campbell and singer, Anthony Callea married three years ago in New Zealand and they’ve been on their ‘honeymoon’ ever since. But according to singer, Callea, 34, it wasn’t love at first sight.

“Our paths crossed many times professionally but I never knew that Tim was gay,” Callea tells SBS, with a laugh. “We had lunch two or three times and once I realised that he shared the same feelings as me,” says Callea, “it progressed from there.' “When we started seeing each other, we were both very busy with work commitments, so we decided not to rush anything,” Campbell tells SBS.

Neither of the couple is interested in adding to their family with children. “I think it takes people who aren’t selfish to have a child and if I have a child I want to give wholeheartedly.

But at the moment I love our life and what we have together.

Campbell was a contestant in series six of Dancing with the Stars, which premiered on 20 February 2007. He hosted National Bingo Night as well as the first season of travel series Discover Tasmania in 2007.

In 2008, Campbell hosted Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune which was short lived before replacing Joey Fatone on hosting The Singing Bee from 2008-2010.

Tim was fine but by the time we got to the venue at Sky City, Auckland, it had switched and he was the one having conniptions.” Luckily the ceremony went off without a hitch.

According to Campbell, it was important to both of them to get married exactly when they wanted to and not have to wait around until it became legal in Australia.

“And I fell in love with someone with a massive heart,” Tim added.

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