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Whether on a holiday or an inspection trip - arrive to a friendly welcome by our staff and a sunset drink in our relaxing West Coast beach bar, before you make yourself comfortable in one of our sea-front high end North Cyprus holiday rentals.

The next day - relax by our pools, walk along our palm-lined sandy beach, dine in our 365 day per year fine dining restaurant, and use our holiday village's Spa with indoor heated pool, fully equipped gym, sauna and exercise classes.

After cooling down, you will experience pleasant feelings of relaxation.

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Sauna is available at the beginning of your stay in Sauna world.

It is an eucalyptus steam bath approximately 45°C warm.

So when the sculptor Praxiteles made a statue of the goddess Aphrodite in the nude it was seen as a daring innovation.

He is said to have offered two Aphrodites for sale, one clothed, the other nude, both at the same price.

High air temperature increases the perspiration of the body enabling the elimination of toxic substances from the body.

It also makes an immune system resistant against various infection diseases.

The hotel is connected through a glazed bridge with the spa house Aphrodite, so the guests can pass with „dry feet" directly to water and sauna world, well-equipped aesthetic center Aphrodite beauty, or to other therapeutic and relaxation treatments.

Aphrodite Palace is dominated by the spectacular stylish lobby and restaurant decorated with marble, onyx, 24-carat gold.

body after a hot sauna is an essential part of hardening of the body.

During the immersion in the cold plunge, the blood vessels constrict and blood pressure increases, what actually functions as vessel gymnastics.

Take advantage of our on-site concierge service – rent a car or bicycle and explore the local culture, fish restaurants, ancient sites and private bays.

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