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Before writing off your romantic compatibility, talk to an online spiritual advisor who can help you make sense of your Zodiac sign.

Every relationship is unique, and your relationship with a Cancer woman or Aries man could prove that fire and water are the perfect match after all.

He wants love and affection, and he’ll pursue it at any cost, which could be helpful if you have trouble breaking down your Cancer walls.

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Cancer women are far quieter and more reserved than Aries men, which could make them better at picking a partner – or less likely to settle down in the first place.

No matter which sign you were born under, you should be ready to compromise and cater to your partner’s individual romantic needs. Cancer women are among the least compatible mates for Aries, so you have an uphill battle to truly understand and communicate with your partner.

Cancer women are nurturers who form lifelong bonds and don’t forget about the past, so they’re ideal candidates for friendship and romance, but they also expect loyalty and sensitivity in return.

If you tease or betray a Cancer woman, she’ll hold it against you.

He doesn’t like rejection or conflict either, but instead of playing it safe, he will wear his emotions – good or bad – on his sleeve.

The Aries man isn’t quite as proud as his fellow fire sign, Leo, but you’ll need to keep his vanity in mind if you hope to win him over.

Your Cancer girlfriend will be great at saving tokens of your relationship and picking out thoughtful gifts that bring back old memories.

And when she decides she wants to make a lifetime of happy memories with you, she will protect your bond with all her heart.

If you’re falling in love with an Aries man, you’re not necessarily doomed, but your cautious side will want more information before you crawl out of your shell. When he’s living his best life, the Aries man is fun, adventurous, and full of energy and good will for everyone around him.

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