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While the actress tries to stay mum about her love life, that doesn't stop the rumor mill from turning every time she's spotted out with someone new.Over the years, she has dated quite a few notable celebrities, proving that she knows how to keep things light and fun. A woman can sleep with only one man and still be considered a slut.

I saw "Almost Famous" again on cable this past week, as I was watching it, I was wondering how can Kate Hudson have such diverse taste in men? Usually people tastes in certain physical types remain the same. Kate went from skinny rocker The Black Crowe's singer Chris Robinson to an ultra annoying, conceited, IMHO, fug baseball player, Alex Rodriguez. IIRC, Kate is now with yet another rocker, this time a Brit. On the other hand, she could be a slut even if all her men were EXACTLY alike. OP, I just wanted to add that her dating rockers may also stem from her relationship, or non-existent one with her father Bill Hudson.

I am not a big fan, but I am aware of who she's been fucking over the years. You only reveal how shallow you are with assuming she is a "slut" because you are unable to discern any similarities among her partners. That's the truth and I'm sorry for offending anyone but you must see these people for who they are and realize young years of unprotected sex are a death sentence brought on by the sufferer, just years later.

R20 Kurt Russell may be a great "Dad" but this great dad was also really hot & fucked any hot young thing in a skirt.

So her 2 great models were "absentee dad" and "fucks anything in a skirt dad'.

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[quote]If they don't off themselves you can find them suffering in hospices and cancer wards from the HPV that mutated itself into CLEARLY know nothing about HPV.

Over half of the straight female population has it. I've never even *heard* of it mutating into any form of cancer.

I loathe Kate Hudson as an actress and would rather insert a red-hot poker into my rectum than watch one of her films, but the misogyny on DL continues to stun. Hoping the guy will prefer them for this but it always backfires.

How is dating different types of man evidence of being a slut? I am very sorry if that makes you angry, but you sound like a fucking 12 year old with this 'Is Kate Hudson is a slut? We've all known women like this who will do anything to appeal to a man, including riding a skank bareback.

Here's a recent interview with her father: Yes OP, she's already gone down in history (no pun intended) as one of Hollywood's most promiscuous, openly whitish celebs.

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