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Here are some ways to approach others who post pictures of your kids that go against your wishes: Here's what you CAN do immediately if someone is posting photos of your kids without your permission to Facebook. Facebook have a specific process to have a picture of your child removed (I am not sure about other social media sites).You can fill out a form on the facebook help section and report the photo as an invasion of your child's privacy through this link: https:// They can only take action for children under the age of 13, and it will prompt you to copy the link to the actual photo you are reporting. https:// im an adult the law will not help you unless the picture is an invasion of your privacy.We know what you want, what you did last summer and what porn means for you.

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Few weeks layer, on my news feed for FB, I see my two babies!!!

Photos on the gf's FB, and her 4 kids' FB feeds too!! But knowing my husband, I could wage a bet he never passed along my request and reasons. If that don't work, hey I'm still a mom... just ask them to take it down if its really bothering you.

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Sharing photos online has become such common practice that most people don't think twice before posting pictures of their kids -- and yours -- on social media sites.Surprisingly, knowing the "personal reasons" why I wasn't having it- she stopped! Fast-forward to 2016, my husband and I seperated.... Not a problem, I liked her very much and so did our children.I asked my husband to please make sure she (or her teens) are not posting photos on social media- he hear me and promised it wouldn't happen!Only one state in the US that i am aware of considers it a crime to take photos of children at any place or event.So if someone snaps a picture of your kid while skateboarding at a public park don't get mad it will do no good.After years of documentation and analysis, our laboratory found the best solution: the finest porn sites. now, you can see anything you want, from mature ladies, to grannies, to hot babes having rough sex or from fetish porn videos to amateur clips.

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