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The other music video for "Bebot" is based on the experiences of first-generation Filipino Americans and is set in the 1930s. However, it did have a commercial release in the Philippines and other Asian countries.It shows Filipino Americans as farm workers in Stockton, California. It appears on the soundtrack for the "Swag" episode of the hit TV show "Ugly Betty."Watch Video Buy From Amazon Directed by Matt Cullen and Mark Kudsi The concept behind the music video for the futuristic "Boom Boom Pow" is the rebirth of the Black Eyed Peas into the "digital afterlife." The group members transform into different kinds of energy. Many observers saw the video as an homage to Kraftwerk's 1986 music video for their song "Musique Non Stop."The "Boom Boom Pow" music video won a Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video.The song "Pump It" features the guitar hook from Dick Dale's version of "Misirlou" that also featured in the soundtrack of the film "Pulp Fiction." "Pump It" reached the pop top 20 in the US and climbed to #11 on the mainstream pop radio chart.

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The clip features a wide range of computer-generated special effects.

The Black Berry Play Book makes an appearance in pre-release product placement."The Time (Dirty Bit)" hit #4 on the pop chart in the US and #1 in many other countries around the world.

Some observers compared the feel of the music video to the critically-acclaimed film "Lost In Translation.""Just Can't Get Enough" reached #3 on the US pop chart and it climbed to #11 at adult pop radio.

It was also a top 3 success on the UK pop singles chart.

will.appears as both himself and Voodoo Thursday."Don't Phunk With My Heart" was a pop smash for the Black Eyed Peas going to #3 on the U. Watch Video Buy From Amazon Directed by Francis Lawrence Film director Francis Lawrence, now best known for his work on three of the films in the "Hunger Games" series, directed the music video for "Pump It." It depicts the group battling a street gang in a parking garage.

Until surpassed by "Boom Boom Pow," the video for "Pump It" was the second most often viewed clip by the group.

Directed by will.The accompanying music video for the Black Eyed Peas' breakthrough hit single "Where Is the Love? The group members and other people, including children, ask where love really is. Black Eyed Peas released a new version of the song titled "WHERESTHELOVE" that had additional vocals from Justin Timberlake, Mary J. Group members, ap, and Taboo all compete to go on a date with their fellow group member Fergie. Later, they show up on stage together performing a concert.

Children are also shown playing the controversial and violent video game "Postal 2."The song, co-written by Justin Timberlake with his vocals on the chorus, was the first Black Eyed Peas song to reach the pop top 10 in the U. It also topped the mainstream pop radio chart and went to #1 in the U. The dates all go poorly with Voodoo Thursday, the host of the imaginary game show, sabotaging the dates. "Don't Lie" is the second single from the Black Eyed Peas' album "Monkey Business." It climbed to #14 on the U. pop chart and broke into the top 40 at adult pop radio.

It depicts the Black Eyed Peas getting ready for a celebratory night out.

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