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To be real, eyes are maybe the only time windows are ever referred to as being remotely sexy.

Blue eyes guys dating

It found that Mr Right must be a high earner on £60,000 a year who drives a Mercedes and lives in a £300,000 property in the home counties.

the eyes are the window to the soul, and sooooo much more! I mean unless you are reaaaaaalllly into draperies.

It is also important that she loves pets, is a non-smoker, and only drinks alcohol occasionally.

Her ideal profession would be in nursing or PR, the survey found, preferably earning between £10,000 and £25,000 a year.

It's no wonder that for years people used to believe that you could predict what, exactly, a person's personality was like by the color of their eyes. Blue Eyes People with hazel eyes are elegant, fun-loving, and totally mischievous.

While I don't think it's fair to lump people into categories, I do think it's DEEPLY fun. When it comes to love they are intense and dedicated to their partner. The real challenge with a hazel-eyed person is keeping them focused.

David Brown, managing director of which studied members' data to come up with the results, said: "While the old adage 'Gentlemen prefer Blondes' still holds true today, it's interesting to note that in this world of size zeros and calorie counting, men are more interested in height than weight, and prefer a medium build girl to a skinny girl.

"This research just goes to show that men are as selective with their choice of date as women are, and know exactly what they want."The results contrast sharply to when the same survey was carried out by the website on women earlier this year.

Whether you're meeting new colleagues, a new friend, or a new lover, looking into their eyes is the first real impression either of you gets.

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