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Just as quickly, the redness and swelling should subside and the area typically isn’t sore for more than a couple of days.

If you’re experiencing pain along with redness and swelling that’s warm to the touch, that’s a sign of an infection and you should see a doctor to ensure that it doesn’t get serious.

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Some Risks Involved with Tattooing When you head to the tattoo parlor for your new ink, be sure to choose an establishment that puts cleanliness above all else.

Dirty needles can infect your blood with some really nasty viruses including hepatitis and HIV.

Of course, there are risks to everything and tattooing is no exception.

Before you get inked (or go in for that next tat you’ve been planning), take a few minutes to learn a little more about the actual effects tattooing has on your body.

In uncommon cases, tats can become infected to the point that pus oozes from the scabbed-over areas where ink was applied.

Again, you should definitely visit a doctor if you’re seeing this adverse reaction.

If piercing is just too tame and tattoos too mainstream, you can go extreme by altering your appearance through scarification or body modification.

These methods are still taboo enough to raise eyebrows.

What Happens to the Body During the Tattooing Process?

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