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The keyhole is on the side, although it's the opposite side, and is circular rather than rectangular.5073 Very good condition for an iron lock 5122 Rectangular box lock of sheet iron, bent over a bottom/end piece and reinforced at the bottom with a pair of riveted iron strips. 5127 A sturdy iron locking piece with a nice intact set of springs. 5133 Bronze with elaborate decorations Cots-1 An iron box type padlock, found in Britain (admin.cotswold) of riveted construction, similar to that illustrated by Ward, above Cots-2 This one with a side keyhole like many of mine 5158 This little padlock is deteriorated to the point of falling apart, but the locking piece is still in pretty good shape.

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With a side keyhole, the curve of the key would be critical in opening such a lock.

Another such padlock of this type is shown below as Cots-2 (Cotswold).

I can think of a couple of reasons to not put the keyway on the top of the case.

It would allow water and dirt to enter, and it would provide would-be lock pickers with a grand view of the mechanism.

Shown here are some examples found in Britain (Ward, 1911) Small bronze barrel padlocks (2" or less) with barbed spring mechanisms that I have seen, sometimes ascribed to Roman times, are medieval.

Three iron barbed spring padlocks (4899,5034,5073) are shown here that have an unusual configuration that I have not seen described previously.

The basic types are barrel locks, iron barbed spring locks, spring-loaded bolt locks and figural locks.

Barrel locks were made in both iron and bronze, while figural locks are found only in bronze.

There is another type which I do not have, and which does not quite fit into any of these categories: the rectangular iron padlock with riveted case.

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