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This program was only program that allowed me to pay Japanese school tuition in installment and I didn’t have to prepare for a lump-sum payment.

I am working a part-time job to pay for my school and living here, and preparing interviews to get a full time job. Having worked in Sri Lanka for a few years after school, I wanted to try and create a better future for myself and future family.

Now I am working for a Japanese corporation to help export electronic component globally.

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As an engineer, I was always interested in Japan but never thought about moving here as I didn’t speak Japanese.

JESP helped me to come to Japan so I can learn the language, and everything else was ready the moment I got here.

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We currently work with schools all across Japan, who are ready to teach students of any level!

We will introduce you to part-time jobs immediately after arriving in Japan.

You will be able to earn up to JPY 1,300 per hour (English teacher can make up to JPY 3,500).

JESP helped me to find my soon to be husband and I plan to live in Japan on a spouse visa.

I am currently studying the language on my own and will start applying for jobs in the upcoming year!

We have created a partnership with these schools to allow for monthly installments so you don`t have to worry about your investment.

Come to Japan with a student visa and to start a new life here!

We have over 2,500 corporate sponsors who are waiting to hire foreign talents regardless of Japanese skill.

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