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We told everything to the lady manager and she called the police.

But, before the police could come the man flew away from the spot.

Though, I recommend e-visa for first-time travellers.

Apply, pay and get it online and cross the border without needing anybody’s help.

When I was travelling in Siem Reap, I saw a lot of travel agencies displaying ‘Free Sim’. Instead of getting a free siem, you may get ripped off. They will give you the authentic information, plus the cheapest rate and plan as per your need.

A little information beforehand can save you falling prey to scammers. Information sources like ‘’ help in getting reliable information.

But it was quite late and the bus station was closed.

We approached few people for seeking information on alternatives. Every one of us was astonished, but not intimidated.

Based on my experience, I can say that you are more prone to frauds and tourist traps in Cambodia than Thailand.

I myself went through a nightmare at the Poipet border while entering Cambodia, when a person approached us right at the entrance of the visa office of Cambodia.

Despite our several polite refusals, he kept on insisting us to take help from him.

While filling up the visa-on-arrival form he stood with us and started guiding us how to fill up the form.

I was surprised why such persons were allowed inside the visa office!

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