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This strategy served me well, and it would probably serve you well, too, so you shouldn’t be ashamed if you got your shit together well enough to get this far. At your next raise, you may as well raise your contribution to 13% so you’re at the legal limit (13% from you 5% from the company = 18%). This is always shown as a percentage, and it’s the percentage of your money that someone at the bank takes in order to run the mutual fund. We leave a generous 3% for inflation and market fluctuation and live off the 4% that’s left. Now you have to live off 1.5% So instead of needing 0k so you can live at k per year, you’re going to need to save up .13 million dollars. For example, from each bank I took the Stock Index fund with the broadest reach of Canadian stocks on the S&P TSX.

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If you want, you can calculate how many extra years you’re going to have work investing in a bond index fund at BMO vs one at Scotia Bank.

But even if you have a lot of your money where I have it, in Royal Bank’s Stock Index fund, you’re still losing 0.72% of your money to the MER.

The funds available and their MERs seem to be constantly changing and I’m totally not responsible for keeping this chart up to date).

Management Expense Ratios That’s pretty straightforward, isn’t it?

We all know that stock or bond index funds are the way to go unless you think you’re smarter than the stock market () Novice Investment When I started the investment game, I had no idea what I was doing. My father, a wise man who taught me to fear debt and spend only money that I had, instructed me to max out whatever pension contributions my company would give. Money Mustache and I worked for a Canadian company that kicked in 50 cents on the dollar up to 5% of our salaries. Intermediate Investment So I did you some research and here’s what I came up with from the national banks in Canada.

So we immediately set our pension contributions to 10% of our paycheques, and happily took the 5% bonus. We get that from the fact that the stock market tends to return at least 7% per year when averaged over long periods of time (like my planned 60 year retirement). I could have made this chart larger by including every fund every bank had, but we’re principally concerned with low-cost funds that track Stock Indices and Bond Indices, so that’s what you’ll see here.

And if you wanted to stop there, I wouldn’t blame you.

You’re well ahead of the rest of the fools who are subscribing to any of the funds in that chart up there, and at least three wormhole jumps ahead of the idiots back in the Delta Quadrant who are taking payday loans to finance video game consoles.

And in other countries, fees are often even higher and awareness of their importance even lower. Toque to write this post for you, his research revealed that even his own retirement savings were in an overly costly fund.

This new knowledge will allow him to retire earlier and wealthier.

In his own words, “), we discussed the two major investment vehicles that are available for private individuals who do not have company or government pensions available to them. The key difference between those two vehicles is the way they are taxed.

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