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I had no hesitation in waving them on for their night of debauchery. She was my teacher crush but I knew something she didn't. She was laughing and chattering with a group of women.

Telephone numbers were often exchanged, not that we ever stayed in contact. I wanted to make her moan with pleasure and see her tits bouncing in my face as she rode me till she came. It had almost developed into an obsession and I'd cherished the leavers photo she'd reluctantly posed for on my last day.

Only perhaps if we made an error of judgment, forgot to wrap up, and ended in the clinic being tested for an STI. It was that one photo that changed my teenage obsession to get laid into a desire to please and satisfy her.

Her long legs were slightly apart and the material was almost see through in the light. I'd spent many a lesson staring at her butt, trying to work out what she had on underneath. More confident, I brushed my lips down her neck and along her shoulder.

I wasn't wrong then, she was far too sexy to wear full panties. The number of times I'd watched her bent over the desk, perfectly positioned to take my cock. I placed my hand on the curve of her hip and pulled her gently up against my fully erect, throbbing cock.

We stepped out and I unlocked the door to my apartment.

I was expecting it to be a bit awkward when we got back but Jennifer wasn't at all self-conscious or uncomfortable.

Her eyes were clear green and mischievous, just as I remembered them the first time I ever saw her.

It sounds quite romantic, but at 16-years-old, repeating a school year because I'd been excluded so many times from other places, I got an instant boner when she greeted me in the school lobby.

That was five years ago, when I was a spotty, hormonal teenager with a big dream to be an ice hockey player.

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