Chatropolis for phones

Nifty features such as a master password, favourite contacts and online notifications are also built in, alongside two themes that mean you can go for normal or high contrast mode. Files can also be resized for those on smaller data allowances.

The Traffic Rank is an estimation of a website's popularity in comparison with other websites, where a rank of #1 reflects the site with the highest popularity.

The value is based on average daily visits and pageviews over the past 3 months.

The former of the two advantages is self explanatory.

It connects directly to Facebook's chat and messages feature, allowing you to send messages instantly to all your Facebook contacts.

All three apps currently sit at 4.4/5 in Play Store reviews, and cover all your basic SMS needs.

IM is not a dedicated messaging service in the way that Whats App, Skype or Kik are.Many OEMs are still omitting dedicated Facebook apps, but the Facebook Messenger app is available off the Google Play store.The two biggest draws of the Facebook Messenger app are the connection to Facebook, where we expect you will have the majority of your closest friends, family and colleagues, and Chat Heads, a feature we first saw on Facebook Home.Replacing your existing home launcher with a dedicated Facebook launcher.Facebook Home brings Facebook messaging right to the heart of your device.When it comes to Chat Heads, new Facebook messages bring up a little round floating profile picture that sits above all other apps that are running, bar things like full screen video.

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