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For several years, Chris was listed as co-editor of the magazine ‘Waterlog’, but found the pressure of writing to a deadline was inhibiting his creativity.

He has also presented several BBC radio documentaries with titles like The Case of the Missing Burbot.

Goodness knows what someone would pay for that now.

One man has broken through this barrier: Chris Yates.

His name alone is enough to produce crowds at book signings.

The Americans encourage creative writing about angling.

Those who can encapsulate why we go fishing, rather than the mere capture of fish, are paid handsomely for their talent and so the US produces some delightful writers like John Gierach, Tom Mc Guane and James Babb.

It had a foreword by BB, who wrote of Chris: “He is something more than a fisherman.” This book was very much about carp fishing, but his second, ‘The Deepening Pool’, showed that he could write just as emotively about barbel, chub, perch and other fish.

It covered other subjects, like split-cane and centrepins, and perhaps captured the essence of an angler as well as any book has ever done.

Yates memorabilia, whether it’s a battered old reel, a float or a teacup, has collectors clamouring.

A postcard that he wrote to Rod Hutchinson, saying that he had broken Walker’s carp record, sold for over £600 in an auction back in 2001.

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