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The building, and everyone in @Colgate CCS, will be ready to welcome students and employers when the fall semester begins. Ez Pi UZnf6 Physics major Ally Shahidi ’19 , of Madison, N.J., describes her work in making important historical documents digitally accessible while conducting summer research on campus. A #Colgateday follow up with Rebecca Gowen'19 (Beckman Scholar), Danny Jaris '19, and Associate Professor of Biology Krista Ingram taking a break while conducting research on Casco Bay, Maine.I, Johnny Correll, do bequeath my pull in the lunchroom to Brother Max.

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β€œI’m inspired to go forth, be great & help other people while doing so.” - Moe Living Writers Online invites alumni and friends to join along in reading and discussing thought-provoking works by renowned authors. Now in its 51st year, the Summer Institute helps ease the transition to college for talented students who have overcome significant challenges on their journey to Colgate. TKOk POk8 #Entrepreneur Christina Weiler '21 reflects on the power of alumni networking and how @TIAInstitute helped make her social-good business, UCan, a reality.

See how our interns are helping to bring the course to life.

I, June Langley, do bequeath my reserved parking space in front of Williams Luncheonette to Patti Cochran.

I, Sue Sanders, do bequeath my old loafers to Sista Williams.

I, Donald Waters, do bequeath the seat reserved in the cemetery for Ann and myself to Roscoe Winchester and Doris Sells.

I, Robert Williams, do bequeath my ability to be absent from school on the last days of the hunting season to Brother Willy.Colgate students now have the opportunity to apply for special summer internships in Germany thanks to a new university partnership with German-American [email protected] #cuoutcomes Workers yesterday installed one of the finishing touches on our new home for career development initiatives, Benton Hall.I, Ann Robinson, do bequeath my love of staying at home and studying to Julia Copple.I, Emily Broome, do bequeath my love of tight skirts to Babs U57EYlm1 πŸŽ“πŸŽ‰I can’t believe I’ve been a #Colgate Alumna for over a month already! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ“ #Colgate University #alumna #graduationweekend #graduate #fridaythe13th #lucky13 #Classof2018 LSANvh Gj T/…

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