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He was awkward and introverted, and mused unsettlingly about evil and justice. The two, graduate science students at the University of Colorado, had broken up by the spring of 2012, but they occasionally chatted online.She said she never had any inkling that her former boyfriend, James E.DENVER — They got to know each other during a study group and had their first date at a horror film festival.

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During the trial’s opening in late April, the district attorney leading the prosecution, George Brauchler, told jurors about an online conversation in which Ms. Holmes, who had been struggling in his neuroscience lab rotations. He told her he could not do what he really wanted because it was evil. His one-bedroom apartment in Aurora, not far from the university, seemed neat and clean, with the exception of his clothing-strewn bedroom, she said.

She asked what he meant, and he told her, “Kill people, of course,” Mr. She said he had admitted to feeling “stage fright.” Other professors and graduate school colleagues echoed that, saying Mr.

Below are pictures of Holmes shown by the prosecution during their statement.

He bought black contact lenses in the days before the shooting.

Holmes had been reserved in classes, sometimes stared out a window and did not speak unless called on.

He was polite but seemed to show little initiative in his lab rotations, and he slipped awkward jokes into presentations. Holmes and some friends went out to a bar in downtown Denver, he told a man who approached her that she was his girlfriend. Datta said she had to tell him again that they were not boyfriend and girlfriend.“At some point, he said he loved me,” Ms.Through this door one guy who felt as if he had lost his career, lost his love life, lost his purpose, came to execute a plan that had been his heart his whole life, and for two and half months in his his mind.The video stream has resumed as Brauchler concludes his statement by forcefully asking the jury to find Holmes accountable for 12 murders and 70 attempted murders.The prosecutor said the "greatest massacre in our memory was intended to be far worse" and he showed the jury a picture of the youngest victim, six-year-old Veronica Moser-Sullivan.He said: "That guy shot her four times, four times!She did not look at him as she testified, or as she walked to and from the witness stand.

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