Consolidating data using metadata

Solution The company used eprentise Metadata Analysis to identify differences among the systems.After defining the target instance, the company used Flex Field software to implement a single chart of accounts.Solution At first, the company was told that their only choice was to reimplement their EBS.

They negotiated better terms with their suppliers, and had consistent pricing everywhere in the world.

You want to go to a central data center and consolidate your Oracle E-Business Suites into a single instance.

In order to keep up with the changes, the security software company maintained thousands of spreadsheets, implemented a data warehouse, and used a middleware product to integrate a variety of systems.

There were literally hundreds of people trying to determine what parts of their business were profitable.

Problem A manufacturing company had 7 different implementations of Oracle E-Business Suite.

Each application instance was configured at the plant level and had different product numbers structure, and different business processes that were implemented in their application.

Instead, they decided to purchaseeprentise Reorganization software to reorganize their existing EBS, resolve duplicates, and as an ongoing solution to accommodate the ongoing changes of their business and the resulting underlying changes to the setup of the EBS environment.

eprentise produces software that reliably enables organizations to adapt existing systems to meet ever-changing business conditions.

Finally, the client used eprentise Consolidation software to identify and resolve configuration differences, other flexfield differences, and resolve duplicates across instances before merging all seven instances into the new target environment.

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