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This is not as silly as it seems and it is not original, either.Jackie Chan fought himself in Twin Dragons as did Jean-Claude Van Damme in Double Impact.

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The movie opens with a cop played by Jet Li being transferred from prison.

No sooner is he out of custody then Gabriel Yulaw (Jet Li), a more evil and more powerful twin from another dimension appears to assassinate him.

The increased resolution also reveals some limitations of the sets.

Some of them look fine, but others appear rather cheaply constructed.

The premise is that infinite versions of a person can exist in alternate dimensions or universes and that Yulaw has been travelling between dimensions, killing different versions of himself and consolidating their power to make himself stronger and faster.

So far, Yulaw has murdered 123 alternate versions of himself and only one more remains.One side effect of Yulaw killing so many of his alternates and making himself stronger is that it simultaneously makes Law stronger.So the plot rolls toward the inevitable showdown between Law and Yulaw, to find out who is "the one", complete with smoke and pyrotechnics you might expect in any B movie or heavy metal concert.On the plus side, we get to see Carla Gugino, who delivers the eye candy.The audio presented in Dolby True HD 5.1 is smooth and crisp, with vocal timbres delivered with good detail and clarity.The producers of The One hit upon a surefire way to double the appeal of crossover martial arts sensation Jet Li.

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