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Cost: Collection costs may be charged of up to 18.5% of the total unpaid amount, which includes interest. Disadvantage: Consolidation does not remove the default from your credit report and can cost you more money over the lifetime of your loan.If you pay the loan in full or make an eligible payment within 60 days of receiving your original notice of default and before consolidating, you may not be charged collection costs. You can’t receive federal financial aid (loans and grants) while your federal student loans are in default.Sorry.)Once your student loan defaults, the entire balance comes due at once.

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Consolidating student loans in default

Advantage: Once your loans are rehabilitated, the default will be removed from your credit history (though the delinquency will stay). Consolidating out of default is a faster way to get out of default than rehabilitation, but it doesn't have the same advantages.

You can consolidate your loans out of default by doing either of the following: This means that you can have your loans out of default in 3 months or less!

Cost: Collection costs of up to 25% of your loan balance will be applied 120 days after the default, so lowering that balance as much as you can will make a difference.

To rehabilitate your loans, you need to make nine on-time monthly payments to your loan holder.

You may only receive this suspension once, so it's important to keep making your rehabilitation payments on time.

Your loan holder will initially calculate your rehab payments as 15% of your disposable income (which is your adjusted gross income minus 150% of the poverty level for your family size).

Just keep in mind that consolidation can make your loan more expensive by extending how long you repay the loan.

You can learn all about the general pros and cons of consolidation here.

To get started, contact your loan holder, which will be either your guarantor or the Department of Education.

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