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When upgrading an individual element, start by updating the DOM template and styling.For simple elements, this may be the only change you need to make to run in hybrid or legacy mode.

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The tracking code in your source code should look like the one below but have your unique Analytics ID.

The screenshot below shows the location of where you can find the Tracking Code: 2.

This question often comes up and the solution will differ based on the company and goals.

If it is simply a change of domain but the product/service offering will be the same or similar, it is advisable to keep the same Google Analytics property to be able to compare historic data more easily.

However, the Polymer team has worked to provide an incremental path for updating Polymer 1.x elements to 2.0.

Polymer 2.0 supports several types of elements: When porting a large project, you can update to Polymer 1.8 and upgrade elements to 2.0 hybrid style one at a time.Filters can be controlled at account or view level.If done at view level, they are specific to each unique view within Google Analytics so each one will require updating accordingly.To link these platforms, you need to navigate to Admin 9. With a change of domain/rebrand your social accounts will need to be updated to reflect the new business identity.If you had a view set up specifically to track You Tube analytics in Google Analytics for instance, this will need to be updated. Check your Custom Reports, Segments and Dashboards to ensure everything is still reporting correctly.After all of the elements have been upgraded, you can test your project against Polymer 2.0.

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