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Olivia contacted me first — I didn’t see her profile while browsing.

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She was about to give up on e Harmony and I thought she was out of my league, but I tried anyway.

We got engaged April 2014 and married November 2014. Meeting him was worth every terrible date I ever went on — and I’ve been on a lot!

I think the stigma on that has changed some, as people connect with others more and more via the Internet.

But a few years ago, it was a weird thing for sure.

You were literally ‘dating’ online, people that were hundreds, sometimes a thousands, miles away.

Sure, there were phone conversations, but other than that it was purely just online. Now it’s, look at someone’s profile, write them a message, have a conversation for a day or two, then go out for a drink.Over the years, any stigma of saying, “we met online” has evaporated. Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, and it has us in a romantic kind of mood, so we spoke to five awesome couples who met each other online and got hitched (or are engaged to get hitched) IRL. Dana: “My now-husband Darren and I met on Tumblr in March 2011 and have been married since September 2013.I was nervous to meet him, but not necessarily because he was from the Internet.A lot of us love technology, and for good reason — it makes our lives easier, connects us with friends near and far and entertains us to no end (as soon as I’m allowed to marry my i Phone, it’s happening).Online dating is the perfect marriage — excuse the pun — of technology and romance.Back in 1995, only 14 percent of single American adults had Internet — much less dating profiles.

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