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That they play such hide and seek musically should've come as no surprise anyway; despite the fact that there's literally an Atari game named "Crystal Castles", they named themselves after a She-Ra playset, which is like finding out Le Bron James chose to wear uniform number at #23 as a tribute to his favorite Jimmy Eat World song.

Then again, it's fitting for a record that draws so much of its power from unpredictability.

The lead track samples DFA 1979's "Dead Womb" and places those vocals atop a cyclical synth loop while they get disembodied and chopped up-- both function as song-length hooks.

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Whether it's a thank you or challenge to everyone they've worked with, opens up endless remix possibilities.

Though hardly minimal, there's plenty to easily pick apart and work with-- "Good Time" is a veritable toybox with undulating octaves, an almost Eastern-sounding riff and tweaked nice-guy vocals which combine the Knife and New Order.

Even if you can't really make out the words, the call-and-response chant of "Courtship Dating" glows amidst fizzy synths and Triple 6 drum clicks. HEALTH)", is a collaboration with the LA noisemongers that builds from now-retro electroclash to a clattering mix of drums.

Just when you think you've gotten your paragraph-long blurb ready for the internet's approval, the last two tracks offer a bait and switch; the mad dash of "Black Panther" is probably what nu-rave was supposed to sound like (the Goth! ), and then the record ends on a disquietingly beautiful shoegaze comedown played on an acoustic guitar of all things ("Tell Me What to Swallow").

Cakes can last much longer, some even improving with age (fruit cake).

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