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Brash, stubborn and resourceful medical examiner Jordan Cavanaugh revives her career in Boston, occasionally breaking the rules and ticking off the cops or her co-workers, including a neurotic boss. On the home front, she gets crime-solving help from her retired-cop dad. Season 2, Episode 16March 17, 2003A man (Clayton Rohner) asks Jordan to help find a friend who's in danger; an old friend (Linda Purl) of Macy's asks him to oversee the details concerning her husband's death.

Please feel free to comment with what fandom you see, as I am always curious what options people come up with.

Chapter One includes Hunger Games, and 2 Pick a Fandom When Gibbs is injured and forced to retire Tony does what he always does, he follows his boss to cover his six.

A collection of 100-500 word drabbles based on prompts using lyrics from various songs.

This collection will be updated in monthly installments as I finish a month's set of prompts.

If a fandom is listed, most or all of the woman associated with that show are probably present in some form or fashion, though they are not necessarily part of a pairing. Bug had often noted that he was remarkably unskilled at the closing of bodies, considering his other hobbies.

I have included all the couples that are canon or that I have written. And now, he found he wanted to curl over on the bed, but instead kept his back straight and stood tall. Season 2, Episode 7November 18, 2002Jordan investigates the killing of the lesbian girlfriend of a radio psychologist (Mariel Hemingway); a leukemia victim's daughter tells Macy that her mother was murdered. Season 2, Episode 8December 2, 2002Jordan accompanies Woody (Jerry O' Connell) to L. to help solve a murder; Macy wonders about an old acquaintance who's looking for his wife; Lily's mother wants to move in with her. Season 2, Episode 4October 12, 2002Jordan tries to clear Woody (Jerry O' Connell) of possible implication in a socialite's death; Lily attempts to find out the identity of a boy (Soren Fulton) who's looking for a corpse. Season 2, Episode 6November 11, 2002Jordan and the morgue staff work at a six-story office building, where an explosion occurred, while Woody (Jerry O' Connell) and FBI agents try to find the person responsible. The second season ends with Jordan making a grisly discovery linked to her mother's murder and her father's past.

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