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Which doesn't turn out exactly the way they expected it. Jensen, on the other hand, seems determined to make Misha open his eyes and see the world, his world, in Jensen’s eyes.Through heartbreak and tears, laughs and smiles, will Misha find his lucky briefs and seek happiness or will his heart be broken once more?It's been three years since his wife, Danneel Harris, gave birth to their daughter, Justice Jay Ackles, in June 2013.

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Jared is the new first year teacher at Northside High School.

He’s excited about starting his new job, his new life.

It took years of schooling for Jared to get this job and then just one night for Jensen to mess up every single one of Jared’s carefully laid plans.

This story was commission by someone who has asked to remain anonymous.

Lindsey Wilburn has been working on Supernatural for several years.

After an accident on set leaves her severely injured, her friendships with those around her, especially Jared, are put to the test as she struggles to come to terms with all that's happened. Jared has pined for Jensen since Sophomore year and with prom, then graduation coming up he wishes something would happen between them but Jensen is straight but things start happening that makes Jared wonder otherwise.

In 2006, Ackles described his dream girl in an interview with People magazine as “someone who can laugh at your jokes.

It may sound cheesy, but someone who can be your best friend as well as your love.” Ackles and Harris have reportedly been friends for over a decade. Real life picked up where the movie left off and the couple have been together ever since.

What follows is an emotional roller coaster for everyone involved.

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