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There are still many rumors that "Crafted in Japan" marked are not assembled in Japan.The Japanese users said, all wooden works are done out side of Japan, Tokai or Dynajust assemble them ! To think about the production process,if Fender Japan done so, they had better assemble all in China or Indonesia. The freight between Japan and China/Indonesia could not allow them to do.

The technology of those guitars were evaluated worldwide better quality than original Fender guitars.

It seems that Fender USA established the Fender Japan as one of solution/decision to protect their brand name and market.

The OEM contractors for Fender Japan are Fujigen, Dyna, Terada and Tokai. But we could specify which manufacturer from the letter.

We are sure that JV and E serials are Fujigen made. Fujigen used like decal "Made in Japan" in Gothic font at the end of neck.

"Made in Japan" is used on some current Fender Japan models (2007) instead of "Crafted in Japan".1982: Fender Japan starts production with Fujigen Gakki having the manufacturing contract.

The "Made in Japan" (MIJ) logo is used.1984: CBS sells Fender to its current owners and while waiting for a new USA factory to begin production, Fender Japan models and leftover USA stock were mostly sold in the USA for a few years.1992: The first "Crafted in Japan" (CIJ) models start appearing due to Dyna Gakki taking over some of the manufacturing while Fujigen were expanding their operations.1996/1997: "Crafted in Japan" (CIJ) is used instead of "Made in Japan" (MIJ).

)I have seen many Fender Japan, the wood materials, to compare with vintage and currentat same pricing level, vintage Fender Japan are absolutely better.

The end-user said JV serial, Fender Japan and Squire are great. Well, these are early stage of Fender Japan made by Fujigen. I have heard that at the beginning, Fujigen took off Greco logo and put Fender logo. However, recently we could find outmany Fake FJ Guitars.

The Fender Japan guitar manufacturing contract was originally going to go to Tokai in 1981/1982 but at the last minute Fender choose Fujigen Gakki instead.

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