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Just Friday, reported that Swedish model Arvida Byström received rape threats after she appeared in the Adidas Originals campaign with unshaved legs, even though her blonde hair and petite frame otherwise match most existing beauty norms.

Byström is also an artist known for challenging preestablished perceptions of femininity, often posting photos of herself with body hair or cellulite.

Most guys can get away with a single-blade razor with "some light movement in the head," he says.

As for the rest of your body, Langevin says you’re best off with an electric shaver for your chest and back, and a multi-blade cartridge for your head.

“They wore Band-Aids on their mistakes as a cool way to let everyone know they were shaving.” For others, the drive to shave came from ideas of femininity they had acquired on their own.

“I loved everything about the rituals I connected with being a woman,” another friend said.

“I stopped because I felt trapped by the responsibility to shave my entire body,” the “Band-Aid” friend told me.

“It’s so time-consuming to do this every two weeks.” The friend who told me she started shaving for men also told me that she stopped shaving when she “started thinking about feminism critically in college” (she now only shaves when she’s going on a date with sex in mind). It gives me a sense of solidarity.”I shaved religiously for almost 10 years for all the reasons mentioned above.In times like these, spending our time, energy, and money on hair removal might simply not be a priority anymore.Whether you're lathering up your face, head, or chest, a smooth shave requires patience, practice, and the right tools.It might be more feminist to stop shaving—though I can imagine other, more pressing battles we can pick against the patriarchy—but what it comes down to is that most reasons that drive women to shave are not at all practical, but social and imagined.And if someone would research how many years of their life women spend removing hair, I’m sure that we’d realize that we’d be better off spending that time on getting another degree instead.Between Langevin’s help, other experts’ input, and our own testing, we’ve determined the best razors for men in six different categories. More blades doesn’t necessarily mean a better razor, Langevin says.

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