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With the growth of the internet and the online community, there are online personal ads (such as Love City or Ad-Mart [Ad-Mart no longer has personal ads]). As I mentioned, Twitter is a great way to meet other people online. I went for a paid subscription as I wanted to be taken seriously. I liked their approach as it forced me, for once in my life, to stop and think about what I wanted in a relationship.The big question was whether to mention MS in the personal information.You can easily find singles near you in Mississippi by searching for singles in your city or even outside your city.

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I posed the question on Twitter and got a mixed reaction, as expected.

Some people with MS felt being honest was necessary and others thought leaving it out initially was wise, but be upfront about it later.

Setting up your profile on takes less than 3 minutes.

Simply upload your profile and start talking to single women and men in Mississippi.

"Being a member of It's Just Lunch is like having trusted friends set you up, but even better, because they're professionals.

It’s Just Lunch is the #1 Personalized Matchmaking service in the world!The majority of my friends aren't local to me so this was also unrealistic. Last year saw me ask a young lady at the local therapy centre out and a support worker.Neither worked out but it did wonders for self-belief and confidence.The two points of view were: I thought about 'getting out there', such as going to pubs.I decided this was impractical due to fatigue and simply getting around in a manual wheelchair (that energy pot will only go so far).There are personal ad columns in papers and magazines. did a review of dating websites, which includes prices of the subscription (at the time of their review, no longer on their website).

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