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Wayfair Queens of Christmas WL BOW CB 24 R WL BOW CB 48 R This Magnetic Velvet Car Ribbon and Bow is made of water resistant velvet material that won t bleach in the sun And is also lined with industrial...

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Other than the salesperson in the local sporting goods (no, no big box stores back then) I had no contact with anyone who had shot one. I took an archery class to fulfill one of my university requirements and had access to the archery range whenever it was not formally in use. By the end of the course I managed to pass the course using this bow…something that most other students in the class struggled to master if they tried it out. I was more than happy with the Hunter and it is the first bow I used to take to the woods after large game/white-tailed deer.

But they said that it was a time-tested bow and manufacturer and that it was . It was the day when compound bows were just starting to become popular. I never succeeded using it to hunt deer, and eventually I sold it to finance my first compound bow. The friend to whom I sold it still uses it and lauds its capabilities.

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The bowstring delivered with the bow was 14 strand Fast Flight.

The fit and finish of the bow I would rate as good.Dean did tell me that living in Nixa, Missouri he has over the many years, "picked the brains" of those Black Widow boys just a bit.The limbs are comprised of black glass limbs and laminate bamboo core, glass overlays on the tips for fast flight bowstring."Where did the name come from" - From the founder, Damon I just picked a 60# Ventura up and have been stumping with it this passed week and without a doubt one of the finer recurves I have ever shot. keepem sharp Just built this bow rack for some of mine. On the leading face of the lower limb, the bow is marked with a # sign above 49 @28". Below that is amo 60", with the standard Damon Howatt drawn-recurve logo under the amo 60".If you have additional questions, post them here or PM me. Those are all in white letering on a dark brown laminated-wood backing that covers what appears to be a light to medium-brown walnut type core wood.I know they where bought by Martin Archery and use the same plant to build bows, but when did they start making bows, and where did the name come from, is it two guys last names or is it one guys full name? Joe But then I got lucky and recently bought this 1973 version on **** for cheap as it was a filthy mess. If you do, just remember brazilian rosewood is oily and needs to be sealed before you put the new finish on. Recently, I found a Purple Hart Hunter at a good price. While I am considering doing the work myself, the bow merits professional work. Accordingly, I am looking for information about professional refinishing, names, and contact information.

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