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In some ways, it is like your dentist wondering if you’ll be sneaking off getting an optional root canal with another dentist. They can be enormously forgiving and generous in spirit.

A lot of Neuro-Typicals (NT’s) have an ambivalent relationship with the truth.

We like the truth if it is good news or flattering. If you don’t want to hear the truth, the blunt truth, don’t ask them.

Sex itself is an iffy proposition for a lot of AS’s.

Their bodies might work just fine, but it is all the subtle non-verbal stuff that makes it hard to figure out if that person is flirting with you.

Okay, so many people right off are going to say any “Reason to Love an Aspie” are generalizations and these aren’t true of everybody with Aspergers Syndrome.

They say, (and with good reason,) “If you’ve met one person with Aspergers, you’ve met one person with Aspergers.” But there are generalizations you can make about why to love an Aspie, and like all generalizations, of course, they won’t hold true for everybody.

Most AS have a hard time predicting what will please their partner, because they can’t take another’s perspective.

To love an Aspie means accepting that you are going to sometimes feel “left out” or “forgotten about.” But not out of spite or malice.

Educational videos about flirting help the single AS recognize the signs.

Their bodies also can be over-stimulation with sexual arousal.

Say “I want you to tell me you love me at least three times every day. Refinements, of course, are necessary but would make up a much larger post.

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