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To this end, much of the film's comedy comes from the duo's attempts at igniting (and then hiding) their passions and from the heavy contrast between their personalities.

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So much so, that even an ostensibly heterosexual woman might consider expanding her search for love to... At least, that's what happens in 'Kissing Jessica Stein.' A charming and occasionally insightful indie romcom, the flick presents a solid twist on the genre, tackling themes of happiness and identity with humor and sincerity.

And finding the right person can seem downright impossible at times.

Fed up with the lackluster men she's been dating, Jessica decides to meet her potential Mrs.

Right, but can the two really have a romantic relationship?

Reaching the end of her twenties, she longs to find a meaningful relationship, but keeps hitting dead ends in her dating pursuits.

That is, until she stumbles upon a personal ad that seems like a perfect match. The author of the ad, Helen (Heather Juergensen), happens to be a woman looking for women.

Though general observations about the dating world do lead to a few solid laughs, a lot of these insights feel very familiar and a bit rough around the edges.

This is especially true of an early montage of terrible dates and a later metaphor involving lipstick which isn't exactly subtle.

Though ultimately likeable, the character can be extremely picky and critical of other people, and the actress expresses her gradual growth well.

Likewise, actor Scott Cohen turns in a solid performance as Jessica's boss and ex-boyfriend, Josh.

Contrast is decent, but black levels veer toward gray.

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