Dating my yamaha guitar

The first letter is the year and follows the same code as the main system above. Made in Japan Custom Shop — These were just sequential serial numbers from up to The closer to it is the closer to and the closer to , the closer to Made in Japan Custom Shop — These serial numbers have 1 letter followed by 4 numbers. J This would be a guitar built in March of and it was the 12th Unit made that day in the Japan custom shop. It seems not many subsystem in the US blouse about the direction dates, although they must be capable maximum in Japan.

:) I'm trying to figure out ANYTHING about my guitar, other than the fact that its a samick, and electric. (you're probably nodding yes, but cut me some slack =P ) any suggestions on where to find something to identify this thing with?

I've gone over every inch of it looking for a serial/part/model number and can't find a thing. I'll do the research myself, I just need a starting point. Samicks are made in Korea (you may have heard that they also made Epiphones and numerous other brands) but Samick more recently have an Indonesian facility as Korea now gets relatively pricey.

Very difficult to date a Samick, except by looking at model details against catalogue models. there's nothing etched, written, or stamped on it anywhere. Oh, and yes, 1bassleft, in the little bit of research that i could do i did read that samicks were made in korea, and that they did manufacture epiphones and a bunch of others =) I've recently had passed down to me a Gordon Smith GS.2.60 electric guitar - it's in very good condition - hardly been used - serial number's 08290 - I was wondering whether anyone could tell me how much it's worth?

i did manage to get a hold of a camera and got a few pictures if anyone is interested in taking a look.

So I revealed searching and doing for serial lets and date millions and do them in a path sheet.

I also arrived the link of where I found the minute, group in lieu I had to go back.

Okay, you've just found a junk pile acoustic in your basement.

It has a mark on it which is either wet damp setting in or Bo Diddley's signature. Chances are it's not even worth 44 cents or his signature, but rather a good sign the foundations of your house are about to cave in.

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