Dating practices of iraq

The family provides protection, food, shelter, income, reputation, and honor.The present-day Iraqi family is not extended in the strict sense.

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But early childhood education remains especially difficult in Iraq.

In a country with more than 4 million children under the age of five, there are 650 public preschools and no available statistics on the number of privately run preschools.

He expects respect and unquestioning compliance, and shows little tolerance of dissent.

Fathers generally remain aloof from the task of raising children in their early years.

The majority of women continue to occupy the private domain of the household.

Wives are expected to obey and serve their husbands and to defer to them, especially in public.“They want to build a policy,” notes UNICEF Iraq Education Project Officer Maria Klappe.“But before that, they want to know what the situation is. So we decided to do a baseline on child-rearing practices.” A National Committee on ECD, established in July, is responsible for promoting better parenting and care practices in homes and communities.UNICEF will continue to support its counterparts in enhancing ECD practices so that all Iraqi children can reach their full potential.“Hopefully, by the end of the year we can build on a national strategy,” says Ms. It is rare for three or more generations to live together in the same household.

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