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Anaclitic depression is caused by the disruption of a caregiving relationship with a primary object and is characterized by feelings of helplessness and weakness.

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So, out of fear, love, and guilt, the child represses anger toward the parents and turns it inwards so that it becomes an anger directed towards him or herself.

A "despised" self-concept starts to form, and the child finds it comfortable to think thoughts along the lines of "I am an unlovable and bad person." At the same time, the child also strives to present a perfect, idealized (and therefore acceptable) facade to the parents as a means of compensating for perceived weaknesses that make him or her "unacceptable".

The "objects" in object relations theory are representations of people (how other people are experienced, represented and remembered by the person doing the objectification).

According to object relations theory, people's moods and emotions (and many other aspects of their personalities) can only be properly understood against the backdrop of the relationships those people have experienced.

There are still many disagreements within the field as to what subject matter is important to focus on, and what methods are best to use for studying the subject matter.

Consequently, different schools of thought within psychology have developed their own theories as to why someone becomes depressed.

Depression is a consequence of an ongoing struggle that depressed people endure in order to try and maintain emotional contact with desired objects.

There are two basic ways that this process can play out: the anaclitic pattern, and the introjective pattern.

A typical scenario regarding how this transformation was thought to play out may be helpful is further explaining this theory.

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