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They fight and Norman hits Duane several times with his own guitar. Spool and discovers she was working at the diner before Statler bought it from Harvey Leach.

Tracy meets with Leach, a resident at an assisted living facility, and is informed that Mrs.

Norman screams and promises "Mother" that he will get her for this. She tries to reason with Norman by explaining his family history: Emma Spool was his aunt and was in love with Norman's father, but he married her sister, Norma, instead. Spool then kidnapped Norman when he was a baby, after she killed Mr. Hunt informs Norman that they may never let him out of the institution again, Norman replies: "But I'll be free...

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It stars Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates, Diana Scarwid as Maureen Coyle, and Jeff Fahey as Duane Duke. It marks the directorial debut of star Anthony Perkins.

Norman Bates still mans the desk at the Bates Motel and lives with the preserved corpse of his mother, Emma Spool.

Patsy Boyle, the only sober guest, is murdered by "Mother".

Norman discovers Patsy's body and he buries her in the motel's ice chest outside the office.

There he learns it was Duane who took "Mother"/Mrs. Duane demands a large sum of money to keep quiet or else he will turn Norman over to the police for the murders.

Norman appears to give in, but unexpectedly throws an ashtray at Duane's head.

Duane, still alive, regains consciousness and attacks Norman, who accidentally drives into the swamp. Maureen convinces herself that Norman is her true love and returns to the motel.

Norman and Maureen share a tender moment at the top of the staircase when "Mother" shouts furiously at Norman, which startles him. She falls down the stairs into the cupid statue, which impales her skull. Then she sees Norman dressed as "Mother," bearing a knife, but is unable to flee. "Mother" orders him to kill Tracy, but when Norman raises the knife, he brutally attacks "Mother" instead, dismembering Mrs. Sheriff Hunt takes Norman to his squad car, with Father Brian and Tracy following behind.

After a conversation with "Mother", Norman spies on Maureen as she undresses to take a shower. Upon pulling back the shower curtain, it is revealed Maureen has attempted suicide by cutting her wrists, a sight which breaks the established "cycle" and snaps Norman back to his "normal" side. She mistakes Norman, dressed up as "Mother", for the Virgin Mary holding a silver crucifix. After she is released, he invites her to stay back at the motel and they begin a romantic relationship. Tourists arrive at the motel, where they plan to watch a local football game.

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