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The sites included Lahore, the Karakoram Highway, Karimabad and Lake Saiful Muluk.

To promote the country's unique cultural heritage, Pakistan launched the "Visit Pakistan" marketing campaign in 2007.

Its name is derived from Rohtasgarh, the site of Sher Shah's victory in 1539 over a Hindu ruler.

There are landmarks and structures that have not yet made the UNESCO Tentative List.

They left landmarks behind which some have become national icons whilst others needing the attention of concerned authorities.

Some of these include: Tourism is a growing industry in Pakistan.

The Shalamar Gardens are example of Mughal Gardens which were constructed by the emperor Shah Jahan in 1642.

The gardens are influenced by Persian and Islamic traditions and cover 16 hectares of land area.

The romance of the historic Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is timeless and legendary, Punjab province has the historic city Lahore, Pakistan's cultural capital, with many examples of Mughal architecture such as Badshahi Masjid, Shalimar Gardens, Tomb of Jahangir and the Lahore Fort.

Before the global economic crisis Pakistan received more than 500,000 tourists annually since 2000.

The Fort and Shalamar Gardens in Lahore are two distinct royal complexes from the Mughal era.

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