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As long as sites can market themselves effectively by claiming to have a scientific foundation, such peer-review will never happen. Art Aron offers part of a solution: Have scientific organizations appoint a panel of experts to evaluate the scientific credibility of online dating sites. Eastwick is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at Texas A&M University.This is very similar to the way that the FDA approves drugs, and it would even allow some proprietary information to be kept confidential. Online dating: A critical analysis from the perspective of psychological science. His research has explored sex differences in initial attraction processes, the theories people hold about their romantic lives, and the importance of attachment in early relationship development.(If you are interested in reading more about the problems with these algorithms, click here for a NYT editorial by Finkel and Karney.) Here, we wish to describe precisely what would constitute compelling evidence that a matching algorithm is indeed effective.

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(e.g., high neuroticism, low self-control, sociopathy). If your responses to the e Perfect questionnaire indicate that you are unlikely to provide others with a satisfying relationship, e Perfect can tell you that they do not have any matches for you and eliminate you from the dating pool. If you are fortunate enough to pass this screening, you might find that the potential partners at e Perfect are more delightful than partners in the general population. They actually promise to use the principles of similarity and complementarity to pair you with someone who is uniquely compatible with you (and not with others).

Thus, in this condition, participants would receive matches from e Perfect, but these matches would be prescreened only for individual differences in relationship aptitude, not dyadic compatibility.

In the meantime, they presumably date through other traditional means.

If the algorithm condition produces benefits above and beyond the offline dating activities of individuals in this wait-list control condition, it suggests that self-selection effects cannot account for the success of the matching algorithm.

For example, one reason that e Perfect users form lasting relationships could be that the users who gravitate to e Perfect are especially motivated to find a serious relationship.

In fact, there is an endless list of possible differences between people who self-select into a site like e Perfect and people who do not.

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For centuries, entrepreneurial types have claimed to possess the secrets of romantic attraction, promising that their charms, potions, or drugs are the solution to the search for a perfect mate.

The tool that would illuminate the modern-day love drug is actually the very same tool used to evaluate the efficacy of all drugs and interventions: .

Below, we describe a set of hypothetical experimental conditions that would provide compelling evidence in support of a fictitious site’s matching algorithm (e Perfect

Thus, in this condition, participants receive lists of matches from e Perfect, but these matches are actually generated randomly (i.e., not using the matching algorithm).

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