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This expression, dating from the mid-19th century, is said to derive from the custom of throwing a hat into the ring to signal the acceptance of a pugilist’s for grabs Open to competition; available, free. While the phrase carries the connotation of wide-open competition, it also implies the necessity of effort and competence to attain the goal.

A possible but totally conjectural origin is that up for grabs derives from the jump ball in basketball.

The phrase was used as early as 1611[someone] a run for [his] money To provide keen and tough competition, thereby inciting one’s opponent to go all out, to “give it all he’s got” to win.

Dating from the 19th century, this expression was originally racing slang.

But I want to leave all canine breeds out of my romantic life for the time being. They can’t eat, drink, exercise, or poop without human assistance. A single person’s after-work life, nights, mornings, and long weekends are all free as dentist’s office brochures until they adopt a dog. The older we get, the more bitter, jaded, and hard-cased we become once the realities of dating as a grown-up sink their teeth in and release their salty venom.

If it has four legs and fur I probably like it more than I’ll ever like you. The older we get, the less likely it is that we appear in age-range settings.

A knight wishing to joust with another would cast his gauntlet to the ground as a challenge to combat.

The other knight would pick up the gauntlet to show the challenge was accepted.throw one’s hat into the ring To enter a competition, to become a candidate for public office, to accept a challenge. expression made its appearance in slang dictionaries by the 1940s; it is now quite commonly used in informal writing, often in reference to positions, candidacies, etc.The allusion is to horse racing and the jockeys’ skillful maneuvering.The expression is now frequently applied to any kind of competitive maneuvering although it has been used in reference to sports since the early part of this century.keeping up with the Joneses Trying to maintain the social standing of one’s neighbors; creating the impression that one is on an equal social or economic stratum as one’s neighbors.Each year, as a sort of test, the graduating class was made to run through an underground hall.The last one, if caught by the Devil, would then become his servant.When I start dating someone, I’ll give up a little bit of that in-charge to someone who also has a say in what we do where, when, and how. But what’s not okay is giving up even more, quite a bit more, to something that can’t compromise at all.

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