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The 3 above are obviously 3 variations of the same scene — the 4th one below has horses & a wagon instead of canoes… * * * * * * When John’s sister Janice copied the 1962 WATER Calendar for me, the May page was “missing” — years ago she had removed it, trimmed off the bottom part of the calendar, and she framed it and hung it on her wall…these are dated 1968-69, and were probably for another American Maize Products Calendar (like the one below)! 19 Texaco, 4 Gulf Oil, 4 Massey-Fergussen, 1 New Idea, 3 Bucyrus Erie, 4 General Tire, 1 Brown & Bigelow reprint, 1 Water Calendar, 1 Pontiac Nature Calendar, 1 Brave Words Calendar, 1 John Deere, the 1966 & 1967 single-sheet calendars, 1 EMT calendar, 3 “Great Outdoors” calendars, and the above American Maize-Products Calendar! and then she remembered that it came from the WATER Calendar and her daughter Patty photographed it for me — It’s a little sun-faded and the green grass & trees have turned a little bluish, but here it is — John Berkey’s painting of his Mom hanging up clothes in the backyard of his parents house in Excelsior! * * * John did this portrait of his sister Janice Berkey Knapp in 2006, and it was the last portrait John ever painted before he passed away.

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*NOTE: Unfortunately someone cut out the 4th page from this 1965 calendar — so I only have 3 of the 4 pages! NOTICE: The puzzle cut off the right side of Berkey’s painting — now we can finally see the entire painting! * * * This calendar was located in June 2013 by Sue Williams at an estate yard sale in Perryville, Kentucky….

* * * It took me 4 years to find it, but I finally located the 17th and final Berkey TEXACO Calendar in September 2013! (NOTE: The above painting was also made into a TUCO jigsaw puzzle.) * * * * * * (A few copies are available on e Bay!

He said it would launch that on May 4 aka the “premature holiday the Bluth family know as Cinco de Cuatro.” Only they actually ended up dropping last Thursday. Watch the trailer above and visit Vote for updates from the Bluth for Family of the Year campaign.

(under construction) * * * * * * Located in September 2014 — it took me 5 years to locate this calendar!

'” (Yeah, now we know why.) And second — and far less vague — Hurwitz says Season 4 was gonna get a remix after the original “experimented with a Rashomon-style of storytelling” by focusing each of its 15 episodes on an individual character.

Also Read: Netflix Didn't Delete the Original ' Arrested Development' Season 4 - Here's How to Watch The new version, titled “Arrested Development Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences,” reimagines the installment as a 22-episode adventure with interwoven storylines.

Cover: Monopoly and other games’ War Effort; President’s Message; Editor’s Note; Email Correspondence; 2015 AGPC Convention Agenda; Volume Sprayer Manufacturing Co.

(Alexander); Spelling a Cheap Surprise (Vercoe); Monopoly, Code Users, and POWs in World War II (Orbanes); The Genius Behind POW Escape Aids (Donlan); MI-9 Inspires MIS-X (Orbanes); The History of Waddingtons (Melling); Victor Watson: 1928-2015; Pressman Made Jigsaw Puzzles Too!

a brief look back; Reflections of a First Time Convention Attendee by Laura Seese; 2009 Pre-convention Activities; The Puzzle Game Challenge; Trivial Pursuit, the First 20 Years; Show & Tell; New Cutting Style; Kagen Schaefer, 2009 Sam Loyd Award Winner; Saturday Workshops; Can You Beat Helen Andrews?

; Special Guest Speaker, Alan Hassenfeld; Saunders’ Counter Space: A Very Fine Line, Part 1; Coit Morrison’s Quest for Rook Cards; Nuremberg Toy Fair; John Ellerbe’s List: Be a Sport; 2009 Annual Meeting Minutes Cover: Providence Bound!

* * * January / “Measuring the Snow Pack” February / “Man-Made Waterways” March / “Food from the Sea” April / “The Spring Rain” * * * May / “Cleanliness and Health” **((missing from Janice’s calendar))** UPDATE: The May page has been found!! * * * June / “Family Recreation” July / “Refreshment” (Janice tells me that this painting was of the Kerber family farm, which is no longer there and has been replaced by a big square New Age Church…) August / “Irrigation” September / “Water and Industry” November / “Fire Protection” December / “Winter Fun” * * * * * * Albert Einstein worked at Princeton when he died on April 18, 1955 — below is Berkey’s painting of Einstein’s Princeton desk and office — Berkey started doing art for Brown & Bigelow in 1955…

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