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This post is an attempt to create a list, history, and database that will make this situation a little less confusing.

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This is then taken over by the International Silver Company William Rogers Jr.

(Star) Mark taken over by Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. Thomas Birch 1898 merged into International Silver Company Marks continued use in International Silver Company Became a division of International Silver Company Marks: Anchor Rogers (Anchor) Rogers (Anchor) 1846 (Anchor) Rogers (Anchor) AA 1865 Wm Rogers Mfg.

August 12, 1862 their flatware division was sold to the Meriden Britannia Co.

New Haven Connecticut Founded: November 6, 1862 Manufactured: Holloware Founder: Edward Mitchell Mergers: January 13, 1863 bought by Meriden Britannia Co. marks June 1865 plating shop moved to Meriden Connecticut - Marks will read Meriden Move completed by January 1, 1866 All facilities incorporated into Meriden Britannia Company by 1877 By 1898 when the International Silver Company was formed it was a trademark owned by the Meriden Britannia Company but had ceases to produce as a division.

The marks on the bottom of a piece of silver can be an indication of the age, maker, and origin of the piece.

A single mark usually indicates that the piece of silver was made in America, although there are some Irish and Scottish pieces with just the maker’s name.

Hartford Connecticut 1865 - 1898 William Rogers William Rogers Jr.

Rogers Brand Silver Plated Ware Cunningham Silver Plate (for Ocean Spray cranberry sauce premium) (anchor) Rogers (anchor) XII Wm.

The earliest silversmiths in the colonies used their initials.

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