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We have been selling on e Bay for over 10 years, have 5 star rating with 100% positive feedback and over 1900 transactions.All of our parts are also priced significantly less than if you were buying it new.Westclox watches prior to around the late 1960's had the month & year of manufacture date clearly stamped on the movement (4 56 being April 1956.

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Once I was winding it and one of the main springs broke, so I decided to take it all apart and fix the main spring. there’s the problem, there were two gears that were in backwards.

So I swapped them, and it’s worked perfectly ever since.

The biggest downside to them is that, unlike better watches, they can't really be serviced or are worth being repaired.

So if you can find one still running these watches are worth about $45 - $95 depending how old.

If no stamp is found, then it's probably made sometime in the '70s - '80's.

*Note: To check for a date stamp, you must remove the back.

We list our parts as accurately as we possibly can.

When possible we do check the operation on the time and strike trains in our clock movements.

Any defects that are found are noted in the items description and the price is adjusted accordingly.

Some people have asked why we don't bench test/repair all our clock movements.

The back is a snap on type & is removed by slipping a knife blade into the crack between the back & case body by prying it loose.

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