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@Chris Diehl This is curious indeed, but I just remember getting the file from our designer and plugging it in, no special magic.

@whiteandnerdyru @durov DRn KGfaa @davecraige Ah, I see the problem now.

The current version of the i OS app needs contacts access to start a group. @davecraige If you know their usernames, just use the search field at the top of the chats screen. ZCBGyb @Taha Yasseri Setting up a proxy server requires special knowledge. PVWs NEo @DEFindia @Whats App @signalapp @Mouth Shut @thecaravanindia This is relevant for Whatsapp. U2TA2k Ld @Taha Yasseri Not that hard, in fact.

New MTProxy app updates that support it released last week. OF6Nvm06 @ch3ckmat3 An easy (but different) way of reaching unread chats should be coming in the next version.

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See X7MUp YM @Faisal Abid What's the tool you're using? @Daradol1 @The Last CLEFan @Fox News When Whatsapp tells you in every chat that "messages are now secured with end-to-… Will look into this, hopefully the next update goes through faster. Dl7aq F @Daradol1 @The Last CLEFan @Fox News Check "Exhibit N" here (the last one), it lists the sources for all chat messages… @alireza95jalili @durov This gives people an incentive to run proxy servers and help others access Telegram. ;) @x Bakhte @Amnesty EECA @durov Update is on its way. Sorry we’re late, see this for the story behind that: Aaaand Telegram for i OS v.4.8.2 is finally out!

@katiedavies91 @calvertjournal Thanks for the correction. @calvertjournal This entry is fake ( CG).

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